Welcome on my website. I am Nicolas and after studying in a IT as an System Administrator I decided to (re)launch my activity as a web developer. I work with small companies in order to offer them visibility on Internet. On this website you can also have a look on my background.

Nicolas SÉRY – web developer




  • I create something

    When making a website, as any project, several things must be consider. Aesthetic and functional aspect are the most important ones. Any kind of products require a designing phase: car, building, clothe… a web UI is one those object and follows the same rules. This is why is important to spend some time on it to make sure that the website match to you company identity.

  • Behind the website

    This part on the website require technical skills that I can explain to you. I do not want to make obscure. This is why I explain to you my choices and we can talk about them in order to improve our collaboration, but most important in order to make the website simple and easy to maintain.

    I know by experience the fancier a website is, the harder it is to maintain. Which also decrease the motivation of the maintainer.

  • Documentation

    According to your level of confidence, you can update all or part of the website. I will give you instruction in order to manage your content.

    In those instruction I will explain how to publish an article if you have a blog and how to update the pages otherwise.

  • Communication

    I like to manage and delivered a project by cycle as much as possible. This allow us to see if what we originally planned for your website work out the way we expected.

    Working this way avoid me to work on an entire project, deliver it and take the chance that you do not like anything.

  • I am
  • patient
  • communicative
  • and love
  • what I am doing


Nicolas SÉRY

Nicolas SERY

I was born in Reunion Island, and I grow up over there from 1984 to 2010. In 2010 I wanted to know more about France. To do so, I had the opportunity to attend to a training to be a truck driver. After this great experience driving through France I wanted to settle. So I decided to go back to school.

About that: I went to 2 different schools. In 2008, ILOI in Reunion Island where I learned basis of web development and where I got my first bachelor’s degree. Then in 2017 in France where I got my master’s degree in IT Management to complete my range of skill.

During my scholarship I managed to get a total of 22 months of internship, withing those 22 months I had 7 months in USA.


  • Web developer

    Independent web developer mostly in North of France but also in Haute-Savoie and Reunion Island.

  • Linux System Administrator

    This year I worked for a company that works exclusively with Open Source.

  • Master

    During those 5 years at the eXia I had 5 internships for a total of 18 months. I worked as a web developer and as a system administrator.

  • Getting ready to go to the eXia.

    Updating my skills after a year off.

  • Truck driver

    Transporter in Limousin then in all France leaving for the week.

  • Web development

    Freelance web developer in Reunion Island.

  • Bachelor’s degree

    2008 was the year I got my first diploma it IT/communication.

My curriculum is somewhat peculiar, but somehow I always come back to IT.



Router: router configuration, routing – static / dynamic (RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP), DHCP, configuration backup & export… Swicth: updating VLAN through VTP, port security…


Linux: setting up NFS server, proxmox cluster, DHCP, Apache, MariaDB, HAproxy, GlusterFS, Centreon. All of that using Debian. Microsoft: installing Windows Server, AD, deploying GPOs. Virtualization: using Proxmox in production and VMware Workstation for POC.


HTML 5 / CSS 3:
Bootstrap 4:
WordPress / PHP 7:



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